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Image Warehouse 

Online Closing File Warehousing

Instant Access to Your Closed Files

A cost effective way to manage your files-
The Georgia Fund is excited to offer Online Image Warehousing to our members. Online Image Warehousing offers:

  • Instant access to closed files 24/7.
  • Instant, easy access to your files via a secure website.
  • Electronic back-up to protect all your files.
  • Easy indexing of files by purchaser, seller, date closed, etc. in addition to file number.

We provide this service by scanning your files into images, adding these images to your own database and making this database available to you over a secure web site. Please contact the manager of our Imaging Department, Caroline Bollinger, for additional information. 770-386-0616 or 800-282-4504 ext. 231


Image Warehouse

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