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Our Board plays a pivotal role in shaping our strategic direction and ensuring we deliver on our mission to support and uplift our members.

The Georgia Fund was created to empower attorneys to maintain a real estate practice in a time when title insurance is requested over a title opinion. By involving practicing attorneys, the concept ensures a thorough examination of the record title while providing clients protection against outstanding title defects and errors.

The Georgia Fund not only safeguards against clients seeking title insurance elsewhere but it also dispels the misconception that a title insurance policy suffices as a substitute for an attorney's opinion. We allow attorneys to offer personal legal counsel alongside a guaranteed title insurance policy, all at a cost comparable to a standalone title insurance policy.

We equip members with a comprehensive set of policy forms to be maintained in their offices for issuance as needed. Policies can be issued based on a formal abstract, a personal search of public records or a prior owner's title insurance policy from a reputable company. This flexibility ensures adherence to specific state laws.

Our rates align with those of commercial title companies. Members retain a portion of the title insurance premium collected from clients, remitting the remaining amount to The Georgia Fund. As we don’t engage with the public directly, the practicing attorney remains central in the process.

Incorporating a policy from the Georgia Fund in your professional services ensures your client receives title insurance protection prepared by their own attorney. This unique offering comes at a cost no higher than a commercial policy. With an underwriting agreement with First American Title Insurance Company, our forms are backed by one of the largest title insurers in the nation.

Members are required to maintain professional liability insurance, with specialized coverage.

The Georgia Fund Court Bond Program

We offer bonds through The Bar Plan, tailored to provide the legal community with fast, efficient, and dependable bond solutions.

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Approved Attorney Program

This program provides extensive education and training on the ins and outs of being a real estate attorney.

We work collaboratively, delving into the intricacies of real estate law, guiding you through title reports, and helping you to identify and address potential issues.

Our remote training sessions ensure you’re equipped to navigate our software and offer full-service solutions to your clients. From managing escrow accounts to understanding lender and title insurance company protocols, we cover every facet of running a real estate practice.


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